To anyone who’s having a bad day, remember: Neil Gaiman cares and wants you to carry on.

And more importantly (at least from this end), I can have rough days too. We all can. The important thing is the being human, and reaching out.

opinions on bg? should we keep the old one?

It really is heartbreaking and disappointing seeing people judge and make this a carnival, it's a human being who they are talking about and i can't even imagine how she's feeling and she even deactivated or closed her account in Twitter because of all the nasty and disrespectful things men and women were saying to her

I’m going to assume this is all the same person.

I think you’re completely right. Her privacy has been breached and the fact this has been spread across the internet, and even turned into a hashtag on twitter is yet more upsetting.

The tweets on the hashtag are all pretty horrible (or at least the ones I can see are in English):


Even one of them translates as ‘pray catrachigringa doesnt commit suicide




my faith in the world is just a little bit restored